When Does Teeth Whitening Not Work?

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Not all teeth whitening procedures work the same for everyone. So even when a specific brand of whitening strips or a particular teeth whitening toothpaste works miracles for one of your friends, it may not work for you.

The main reason for this difference is the different kinds of stains we get on our teeth. There are also different kinds of stains and everyone’s teeth respond differently to each.

If you’re using a non-professional teeth whitening toothpaste or a brand that does not contain peroxide, you are going to be disappointed. The active ingredient in most commercial whitening products is hydrogen peroxide. It’s the best whitener when it comes to boosting whiteness and killing bacteria-causing the discoloration as well.

The other teeth whiteners available only work on surface stains. If you’re looking to get rid of the yellowing and graying, you need to get the good stuff. But it isn’t enough to choose a teeth whitening product, you also need to find the right one that is perfectly suited for you.

If you have veneers or any professionally fitted restorations, you will need to be extra careful. The whitening process may damage them. In that case, don’t opt for teeth whitening.

7 Reasons Why Your Teeth Whitening Didn’t Work.

It is very important to stick to the recommended application guide. Follow this carefully and don’t be tempted to be lazy.

If you travel a lot and can’t always use the product as prescribed, then keep up with it whenever you can.

You may notice whitening but it is often a slow process, and there is no way to speed it up.

Your teeth are too stained and or old

This is a very common reason for teeth whitening not to work. The tooth shade can only go so far. Don’t expect your back teeth to whiten as much as your front teeth, and don’t expect your teeth to go from blue to white. The shade change is possible but not the color change.

Old and worn out teeth may still not be white even after the whitening process has been completed. This is because, they may look almost white, but not quite.

Because of the years of abuse and neglect, they are not able to return to a completely white shade. There are, however, teeth whitening products that are designed specifically for old teeth.

You used a cheap whitening product or, your insurance is covering the cost